Will Sturdivant

Will Sturdivant


The Acting Company: X, or, Betty Shabazz vs The Nation, The Comedy of Errors, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet and Henry V. Pearl Theatre: Henry IV Pt. 1. Guthrie Theater: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It and Much Ado About Nothing. William is a Presidential Scholar in the Arts and Co-Founder of 668Productions.com. Originally from North Carolina he currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Training: University of Minnesota/Guthrie Actor Training Program (BFA).


With a BFA in acting from the Guthrie Theatre Professional Actor Training Program, William has extensive physical and classical actor training as well of years of experience performing throughout the country. He is currently acting and coaching professionally in New York City.

Monologue: The Basics

Designed for the beginner, this workshop teaches students how to approach a monologue, leading them through exercises focusing on:
  • Objectives, obstacles, tactics & beats
  • Actions, focus & gestural behavior
  • Characterization & substitutions

The Basics is a two-day workshop. This allows students ample time to process these exercises and apply them to their work. The Basics is the perfect introduction to a young actor who is unfamiliar or intimidated by performing monologues.

Monologue: The Classics

Every elite undergraduate acting program requires students to prepare a contemporary and classical monologue for their audition. The Classics will unlock the secrets to speaking Shakespeare by focusing on:

Verbal Conceits:

  • Assonance
  • Verse & prose
  • Alliteration
  • Informal/formal language


  • Parantheticals
  • Pacing
  • Inflection
  • Full & mid-stop

The Classics give serious students a competitive edge by teaching them strategies to approach a classical monologue.

The Audition

The most advanced workshop, The Audition is designed for the high school junior/senior preparing to audition for an Undergraduate Acting Program. The Audition gives students a hands-on opportunity to experience the audition process.

This workshop includes

  • Two hours of Private Coaching
  • Two workshop pamplets: Interpreting Classical Language and How To Survive the College Search
  • A mock audition, juried by industry professionals.

In the mock audition, students will be evaluated by a panel of industry professionals and receive a three page evaluation from each panelist critiquing their audition. Following the mock audition, the panel will hold a Q & A session with all participants.

The Audition is a must for all young actors determined to shine in the competitive undergraduate audition process.

Private Coaching

Every actor needs someone to challenge them; someone to force expression beyond their tricks; someone to free them from themselves. In Private coaching we work on:

  • Text Analysis
  • Articulation
  • Vocal Phrasing
  • Clarity of Intention/Focus
  • Physical Confidence
  • Optimum Pitch
  • Verbal Conceits

With Private Coaching we will specify your impulses, hone your vocal and physical qualities, find the center of truth for each character and speak from that place.


Mr Sturdivant is most impressive. - New York Times
William is a remarkable talent; smart, confident, and highly skilled..." - Margot Harley, The Acting Co.
As a student of classical training William is brave, bold and generous with his talent, making him quite an extraordinary coach and performer." - Kenneth Mitchell, NYU Tisch School of the Arts
It's always a gift to work with Will. He is talented, hard-working, and very cunning." - Andrew Wade, Voice Coach (R.S.C.)
We worked my monologues, getting more and more specific... He transformed my work from simple 'ok' to 'extraordinart.' I got out of North Carolina and into the school of my dreams because of William Sturdivant. - Alex Brightwell, Guthrie B.F.A. (2012)
William is an exceptional acting coach. He has a tremendous ability to unlock your best work..." - Jonas Goslow, Professional Actor (NYC)